Get your game in shape with our Super Three Lesson/Practice Special!!

We are offering three one hour golf lessons with a PGA Teaching Professional and Five Hours of practice time,

3 one hour lessons with PGA Teaching Professional – $125.00/hour = $375.00

5 hours of practice time – $20.00/hour = $100.00

Total Cost = $475.00

We are offering this $475.00 package for $295.00 to only 100 people. Be the first to call and set-up your first lesson!! 952-873-7470

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March $99 Practice and TrackMan Lesson Special!!!!!! Great Value!!!!!

Only 25 available, they will go fast! Register today!!!!

Get your Golf Game ready for the upcoming seasonback with two hours of practice time and a one hour lesson taught by a PGA Teaching Professional utilizing TrackMan Pro. TrackMan Pro measures the full trajectory of any shot, from 6-foot pitches to 400-yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. Delivering state-of-the-art data without using any modeling, TrackMan Pro displays the shot’s actual 3D trajectory together with 26 impact and ball flight data in real time.

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We have both lesson packages and coaching programs.

Lesson Packages - Cover anything you want to work on. TrackMan and video included. LESSON PACKAGES MAKE GREAT GIFTS.

  • 1 Lesson (55 minutes) = $125
  • 3 Lessons (55 minutes each) = $300
  • 5 Lessons (55 minutes each) = $450

Coaching Program

The Minnesota Golf Academy offers complete game coaching programs. We created these programs because too many golfers take lessons occasionally, but fail to see long term improvement. Our programs do require some commitment, but we guarantee you will improve and enjoy the game more!

1) Coaching Program – $220/month includes

  • 2 Individual lessons (55 minutes) per month
  • 3 Hours of individual practice per month
  • 1 Group fitness session each WEEK

2) Coaching Program with MEMBERSHIP – $240/month includes

  • 2 Individual lessons (55 minutes) per month
  • 1 Group fitness session each WEEK

What to do to sign up…

  • Pick your instructor (Eric, Aaron, or Luke). Bio’s here…
  • Email your instructor to set up your first lesson, or call us at 952-873-7470

FAQ How do practice sessions work?

You practice when you want. If we are busy, you will want to either book online or come during non peak hours.

What is covered during individual lessons?

Anything and everything necessary to improve at golf. Full swing, short game, putting, and customized fitness plans. You can also use the time to get a college recruiting resume together or for clubfitting. Parents are welcome to attend for these sessions. Our goal is to provide customized coaching that is world class and completely comprehensive.

Does your program go year round? 

Yes, the program does go throughout the year and you are welcome to join and end participation as you like.

What happens during the first lesson?

The first session with a new client typically begins with a full Game Evaluation, which assesses…

  • Balls Striking – We use the TrackMan Combine to see how consistent you are with your swing and distance control.
  • Short Game – We’ve created an innovative short game test that tests your ability to hit 6 critical shots around the green.
  • Putting – We have a putting test that measures your putting ability against the average PGA Tour player.
  • Fitness & TPI – We see what’s lacking in your full swing from a mobility and stability standpoint
  • Discussion – After completing the Evaluation you’ll see a relative handicap for each of the 4 areas above, which helps you target weaknesses and improve faster. This will lead into a discussion of other individual concerns you may have with your game, which may include course management, practice habits, etc. We also discuss your long term golf goals. This first lesson sets the stage for goals, practice plans, etc!