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The Elite Junior Program is our Keystone golf development program. We believe it is the most comprehensive and well-designed program in the Twin Cities area. Every class session is led by a PGA professional and has been planned to be safe, fun, and challenging. Our program has 4 different levels for junior golfers beginning at age 6 and continuing until age 18.

Although our primary goal is to share the great game of golf a supportive and enriching environment, we hope to develop golfer athletes that win junior tournaments, receive college scholarships, and play professionally. To meet this goal we utilize a broad range of expertise derived from coaching research and developmental sport psychology to create a year round curriculum that includes golf skills, athletic skills, and mental game skills all within a developmental context.

The Elite Program has 4 levels:

Green (ages 6-8)

Blue (ages 9-11)

Black (ages 12-15)

Player (ages 16-18)

How to apply for our Elite program:

Before junior golfers can join our program they must complete our Golf Skills Assessment (GSA). The Golf Skills Assessment gives the parent, coach, and player a clear picture of where the player is at with his or her golf skills. It is the first step in providing the level of personalized coaching we believe in providing.

The cost of the GSA for golfers age 11 and under is $50 and takes about 30 minutes, which includes time to hit some golf shots, pitches, chips, and putts. The last 15 minutes is used to talk to parents about the program and explain where their child fits in and how we can partner to provide the best golfing experience possible for your child.

The cost of the GSA for golfers age 12 and up is $150 and takes about an hour and a half, which includes time to complete a Trackman ball striking combine, short game test, putting test, and fitness test. The last 15 minutes is used to talk to parents about the program we can partner to provide the best golfing experience possible for your child. Even if you decide not to continue with our Elite program the Golf Skills Assessment will provide a clear picture of what you need to improve your game.

The cost of the GSA is WAIVED if parents decide to sign up and prepay for 3 or more months of the Elite Junior Program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if my child is advanced for his or her age? Can they be moved up to a higher level?

A: Yes, if a junior golfer has reached a higher skill level they may move up to a more advanced session. This decision will be made on the basis of maturity and skill advancement.

Q: What makes your Elite Junior program superior to others?

A: What makes our program successful is the comprehensive nature and focus on individual and group coaching supported by a developmental perspective. In other words, by teaching junior golfers the right skills at the right ages we can guarantee results. While our approach appears very scientific (which it is), its supported by our emphasis on the coaching relationship and golf mentoring.

Research on golf is fairly clear; junior golfers that only play golf in the summer often drop out as they get older. Often these children do not have the benefit of a long term coach and a cohort of other golfers to practice and play with. As a result, their skills often fall behind other golfers who train year round. Our program offers that year round training environment , but also offers both a strong individual coaching relationship with a PGA pro.

Creating a culture of excellence is a team effort we take very seriously.

Q: Are junior golfers expected to stay in the program year round?

A: Year round participation will pretty much ensure that your child improves at golf quickly. While we cannot guarantee results we believe that our program is the best chance that junior golfers in the Twin Cities metro area have to develop the critical golf skills at the right age. That being said, we understand that it may not work year round for some families. We encourage participation in whatever makes the most sense for you.

Q: This seems like a lot of golf, will my child have time for other sports?

A: We sure hope so! Research is very clear that developing a full array of “athletic literacy” will help in long term success rates of golfers and all athletes. We do not encourage specialization until after age 12.  Because our programs (especially at the younger ages) are only 2-3 days per week, we hope that our golfers can participate in other sports while still training year round.