Lil’ Whippers

Ages: 3-5       

Cost: $50

Format: Three 45 minute lessons

Description: Little Whippers is the first class in the Minnesota Golf Academy Junior Golf Program series. It is designed for youngsters with little or no golf experience. What makes Lil’ Whippers unique is parent involvement. Parents (or another responsible adult) MUST attend each class with their child. Parents are expected to stay with their child to help with safety and organization. However, this also gives each parent the chance to learn how to teach their child. The instruction part of the class generally takes 45 minutes. The last 15 minutes of each class is reserved for individual practice under parental supervision. Class content will include very basic skills such as putting and driving. We will also include some coordination exercises like jumping and running. The goal of this class is to create a “fun” environment so that kids want to continue. Sometimes younger kids aren’t quite ready for this class. If after the first class you feel this way with your child you are welcome to return for another offering of the same class later on. Just let us know. Also, this is often a class that is repeated several times because each time youngsters pick up a few more skills.