Driving Range

When you first walk into the Minnesota Golf Academy you will be amazed at the size and quality of our Driving Range. Ball flight is number 1 at the Academy. We designed our driving range so you can see your ball flight. We have painted the 30’ by 98’ wide wall black and we also have high impact black netting. This makes our brand new two-piece white golf balls very easy to see.

No more hitting golf shots off mats with rubber golf tees. Our hitting stations were custom made to offer the most realistic outdoor golf experience indoors. You can place your own tees in our hitting stations to accommodate your tee height. Our primary driving range has 10 hitting bays. We also have 8 additional flex hitting bays that we can use at peak times.

No one likes to go to a driving range and get there only to discover that there is a two-hour wait to hit golf balls.  We have solved this problem, our custom designed reservation system will be on line the week of February 18th. You will be able to reserve in advance either 25 minute or 55 minute hitting sessions with unlimited balls.

We offer two different pricing options, non-prime time and prime time. Our driving range will be open from 6:00am to 10:00pm Monday through Saturday and from 8:00am to 10:00pm on Sunday.

Prime time is from 5:00pm to 8:00pm Monday through Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Non-prime time rates                                 Prime time rates

$12.00 for 25 minutes                                $18.00 for 25 minutes

$18.00 for 55 minutes                                $30.00 for 55 minutes

Practice Putting Green

We want everyone to have fun at the Minnesota Golf Academy. One place to quickly improve your game is on the putting green. Our free indoor putting green is over 1500 square feet and is a great place to practice. It is located between the Pro Shop, driving range and the Trackman teaching and practice bays. If you love golf like we do, practicing on our putting green in the middle of all the action will be golf nirvana.

Short Game Practice Area

We all know that about 60% of golf shots are taken within 100 yards of the green. This is also the place were you can really lower your score.

Up until now there has been no place to learn and practice your short game for six months out of the year in Minnesota. The Minnesota Golf Academy has changed that. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player our short game area will help you improve your game.

Eric Chiles, Minnesota Golf Academy Class A Teaching Professional is one of the top short game instructors in the country. His experience includes six years teaching short game schools with Hank Haney, sponsored by ESPN. His summer short game schools are always sold out. Needless to say he knows what kind of facility it takes to effectively teach the short game.

Eric will be teaching his popular short game schools inside at the Academy. To do that he wanted to create an indoor facility on par with any outdoors practice area. Accordingly, Eric designed our 11,000 square foot indoor short game area to his high standards.

The area includes a two tiered 1625 square foot angulating green surrounded by over 2545 square feet of turf for practicing every shot possible up and around the green. At the back of the green we have a large sand bunker to practice a varsity of sand shots. Eric designed additional hitting stations and practice areas from 10 to 30 yards from the front of the green with a variety of grass to provide a multitude of shot possibilities. You will be able to hit up to 50-yard shots into the green. There is simply nothing comparable to the Minnesota Golf Academy indoor short game area anywhere in the country.

We will be announcing our half-day short game school schedule in early Spring of 2013.

Rates for the short game area will be $20.00 for 55 minutes. We will be able to accommodate up to 10 people at a time to practice in the short game area. You will also be able to reserve your practice time on-line.

Pro Shop

The Minnesota Golf Academy will have a Pro Shop were we offer everything you need for your game from golf tees to latest golf attire. We will have limited assortment of merchandize when we open. We plan to have our Pro Shop fully stocked in March 2013.

Lounge and Healthy Food and Drinks

We believed that we needed a place were our golfers could just relax and hang out to share stories or just watch the latest action on The Golf Channel on our 60” flat panel TV.

We have an array of healthier items for you without compromising the taste. Items to help you on your journey to staying fit. Our product selections offer items with reduced fat, low cholesterol and low sodium.

We offer bottled water, assorted juices, vitamin water and natural sodas. Our food selection consists of salads, sandwiches, fresh fruits, fresh wraps, yogurt and fruit salads. If all you need is a quick snack we have trail mixes, fruit snacks, vegetable chips, organic bars and granola bars.

For those early risers that want to join us at 6:00 am to start the day with “Morning Drive” on The Golf Channel we will have the coffee ready to go.

Club Fitting and Club Sales with Trackman

Trackman has set new standards for golf ball and golf club measurements.  Based on Doppler radar technology, Trackman measures the exact 3-dimensional club movement and ball flight, and provides precise measured data on the club delivery and the ball launch. Trackman is the most sophisticated piece of golf fitting equipment ever designed and it allows golfers an insider’s viewpoint into a true “Tour Experience”.

It’s safe to say that every golfer wants to play better golf. There are two primary factors involved in attaining this goal – your unique swing and the club you use. At Minnesota Golf Academy, we make sure that the club you swing is constructed exactly to your swing to consistently deliver the best results possible.

At Minnesota Golf Academy our goal is to become recognized as one of the top club fitting locations in the country. Our fitting and testing area is equipped with the latest technology in Trackman ball monitors. With Trackman, you will be able to see data from every one of your swings. Unlike “Big Box Store” indoor fittings where a fitter simply tells you your swing speed and how far you hit the ball, our PGA Professionals will provide you with your club speed, attack angle, vertical and horizontal swing plane, face angle, club path, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, landing angle, and launch angle data.

We just don’t tell you to buy a specific club, we tell you why you should hit a specific club based on the data generated by your unique golf swing. Following each Trackman Fitting our trained fitter will supply you with a copy of your Trackman data. This will allow you to have your own individual swing statistics to compare to future fittings.

Custom club fitting takes place in a controlled environment year-round that allows the fitter and player to see full flight of the ball. With club fitting systems from every major golf manufacturer, our trained PGA Professionals are able to supply players with all of their equipment needs.