Club Fitting and Club Sales with Trackman

Trackman has set new standards for golf ball and golf club measurements.  Based on Doppler radar technology, Trackman measures the exact 3-dimensional club movement and ball flight, and provides precise measured data on the club delivery and the ball launch. Trackman is the most sophisticated piece of golf fitting equipment ever designed and it allows golfers an insider’s viewpoint into a true “Tour Experience”.

It’s safe to say that every golfer wants to play better golf. There are two primary factors involved in attaining this goal – your unique swing and the club you use. At Minnesota Golf Academy, we make sure that the club you swing is constructed exactly to your swing to consistently deliver the best results possible.

At Minnesota Golf Academy our goal is to become recognized as one of the top club fitting locations in the country. Our fitting and testing area is equipped with the latest technology in Trackman ball monitors. With Trackman, you will be able to see data from every one of your swings. Unlike “Big Box Store” indoor fittings where a fitter simply tells you your swing speed and how far you hit the ball, our PGA Professionals will provide you with your club speed, attack angle, vertical and horizontal swing plane, face angle, club path, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, landing angle, and launch angle data.

We don’t just tell you to buy a specific club, we tell you why you should hit a specific club based on the data generated by your unique golf swing. Following each Trackman Fitting our trained fitter will supply you with a copy of your Trackman data. This will allow you to have your own individual swing statistics to compare to future fittings.

Custom club fitting takes place in a controlled environment year-round that allows the fitter and player to see full flight of the ball. With club fitting systems from every major golf manufacturer, our trained PGA Professionals are able to supply players with all of their equipment needs.

Club Fitting Fees:

DRIVER 1:00  $          75.00
FW/HYBRID 1:00  $          75.00
IRONS 1:00  $          75.00
WEDGES 1:00  $          75.00
PUTTER 1:00  $          75.00
BALLS :30  $          25.00
CURRENT CLUB 1:00  $          60.00
FULL BAG 3:00  $       250.00


Why Equipment Fitting Matters

Each golfer is unique with different physical skills and attributes.  Having your golf equipment professionally fit for you will have a dramatic impact on your on-course performance.  The majority of amateur players have clubs that are poorly configured for their unique swing and physical attributes.  Can you imagine running a marathon with shoes 2 sizes too small?  How about playing hockey with a stick that is 6 inches too long?  That may be exactly what you are currently doing by playing with equipment that hasn’t been properly fitted for you.

At the Minnesota Golf Academy, it is our goal to work with you (and your instructor) to ensure that the equipment you use is perfectly matched to your skillset, swing, needs and wants.  It is our goal to fit you into the best possible equipment for YOU!!  We will measure you both statically and dynamically using the latest technology to match you perfectly for the following components of your equipment:

Club Length

We measure the precise club length for each club being fit.  We base the ideal club length on the player’s height, arm length, posture and any physical limitations the player may have.  Improper club length can create inconsistency in ball contact, improper path, and create improper sole-to-ground contact.

Club Loft

The loft of the club is the degree from vertical that the clubface sits open.  It affects the launch angle and spin rates and therefore affects the distance of the ball.  Proper loft will help the golfer achieve maximum distance (not too high and not too low).

Club Lie Angle

The lie angle measures the angle from the bottom of the club (sole) and the shaft.  The lie angle needs to be measured correctly based on the golfers height, arm length and dynamic swing characteristics.  Each manufacturer has their own lie angle specifications, which makes it difficult to know which clubs will fit you properly without being fit by a professional.

If the lie angle is too upright, the heel of the club will hit the ground first and will cause the face to close.  If the lie angle is too flat, the toe of the club will hit the ground first and will cause the face to open.  In both cases the contact is less than ideal and will cause a loss in distance and accuracy.

Grip Size/Weight

The size of the golf grip is a matter of personal preference.  Persons with larger hands may prefer larger grips and vice versa.  The grip should be comfortable in your hands and therefore inspire confidence in the golf swing.  With advances in technology, grip weight has been manipulated by the manufacturers and allows you to change the overall (and swing) weight of the golf club.  The most important factor in the grip though is feel.  The grip should be the right size and material to create the best possible feel for the player.

Shaft stiffness, kick point, torque

The variety in shaft options today makes choosing the correct shaft a very difficult process.  Here at the MN Golf Academy it is our job to work with your dynamic swing and find the correct shaft that best matches your current swing speed (shaft stiffness) and ball flight (kick point and torque), and your desired feel and ball flight (kick point and torque) to find you the exact shaft you need to optimize your game.  The shaft stiffness, kick point and torque all impact how your ball flies (trajectory and direction), how far your ball flies (distance) and how your club feels during the swing.  We work with shaft and club manufacturers and utilize Trackman launch monitors to identify what’s best for you.

Shaft weight/Swing weight

The swing weight of a club describes how heavy or light a club “feels” during the golf swing.  It is a combination of the head weight, shaft weight and grip weight and can vary based on the overall weight and also by how the weight is distributed throughout the club.  Choosing the correct head, shaft and grip is important for the unique golfer to have the correct “feel” while swinging.  If the swing weight is too heavy, the golfer may not generate enough speed to properly hit the ball.  If the swing weight is too light, the golfer may not be able to hit the club accurately.

Your Unique Club Specifications

There are thousands of potential combinations of heads, shafts and grips that affect your performance on the golf course.  It can be quite a daunting task to find out which ones are correct for you.  So let the Minnesota Golf Academy help you by professionally fitting you for your next set.  We will help you choose and understand what equipment is best for your game now and into the future.

We will work with you, and your instructor, to provide the best possible experience.  Our fitters will work with your instructor to determine what you’re working on and what tendencies you may have while swinging.  By collaborating with your instructor it will make the club fitting experience more exact.  We will be able to build a set for you that will help minimize the poor tendencies and take advantage, or maximize the positives in your swing.  We will do this by using static measurements, dynamic swing measurements, instructor input (if applicable), Trackman swing data and the indoor practice area to help us achieve the ultimate fitting for you.

As a part of the fitting process at the MN Golf Academy it is our job to work with you to determine what “feels” best in addition to what “fits” best for your swing.  We offer clubs from a variety of manufacturers that will allow us to provide you with the best fitting clubs and then find the ones that “feel” the best within those specifications.  While we are finding the best fit and feel for you, we will also use the Trackman data to find, and bridge the distance gaps within your set.  Your set will be constructed from the bottom (putter, wedges, etc.) to the top (hybrids, fairway woods and driver) in order to cover all of the distances from zero yards to your maximum distance.

The MN Golf Academy Difference

At the MN Golf Academy we conduct your fitting as a TEAM.  We will work with you (and your instructor), not against you.  After all, you’re the one actually playing the equipment, right?  By working with you and your instructor, we will be able to give you the best possible fitting.

This probably all sounds really expensive, but it is NOT!  Our fitting prices are lower than our competition and we will also offset the cost of any fitting by providing you with range time or time with the Trackman launch monitor.  And our club prices will meet or beat any of our competition, including the big box golf stores.  So fear not, price is not an issue; being properly fit for your equipment IS and we will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your fitting and equipment.

When your fitting is done here at the MNGA we will inspect your clubs to make sure that they were manufactured to the proper specifications and work with you after your clubs are in hand.  We encourage you to use them for a couple of weeks and then bring them back in to make sure they match up to your dynamic swing.  We will also connect with your instructor again to make sure that all of the team members (you, your instructor and our fitter) are happy with the results.  If your clubs need any sort of adjustment, we will be happy to make them on the spot, by adding/subtracting length and/or adjusting the loft or lie angle free of charge.  It is our job to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your clubs and your fitting experience at the MNGA.

Who Should Get Fit?

High Handicapper

With the high-handicap golfer we focus on getting all of the positive benefits of new technology possible to help you create a better swing result.  We focus specifically on all of the following:

Shaft type and stiffness – by matching the shaft to the golfers swing speed and tendencies, we can help you maximize distance and accuracy.

Head configuration – clubs today offer a significant amount of forgiveness due to new technology which expands the sweet spot of the golf club.  This technology can benefit the high handicap golfer by allowing them the most forgiveness on off-center hits and will also help them with improved accuracy and distance control.

Launch angle – it is common to see golfers who either hit the ball too high (losing distance and accuracy) or too low (not getting the maximum distance from the club).  A professional fitting will optimize the launch angle maximizing distance and accuracy.

Set makeup – often there are clubs in the bag that achieve similar distances which leads to confusion on the course.  A fitting at the Minnesota Golf Academy uses the industries finest launch monitors (Trackman) to analyze distance which allows us to build the proper distance gaps between clubs, which will allow for great confidence and consistency on the course.

Mid Handicapper

With the mid-handicap golfer we focus on consistency and accuracy.  You’ve got your game in good shape, but a professional fitting can help you take it to the next level.  We will specifically focus on the following:

Set consistency – in order to be consistent, your clubs need to be consistent.  We will work with you to properly fit the most beneficial shafts from your wedges all the way up to your driver.  We will utilize the best in launch monitor technology (Trackman) to put you into the proper shaft that will maintain consistency throughout the set.

Head configuration – clubs today have a variety of “forgiveness” levels and “feels”.  We will work with you to achieve the best possible head configuration that will help improve on your weaknesses and take advantage of your ball striking strengths.  This may mean a forgiving cast head, forgiving forged head or a forged head designed for “workability”.

Set makeup – we will work with you to measure the distance of each club in your bag.  This will help to determine where gaps and overlaps exist so we can build you the proper set makeup and give you the most amount of flexibility for shot-making within the set.

Low Handicapper

With the low handicap golfer we focus on set consistency, ball flight and dispersion patterns to help you become the most confident and consistent golfer possible.  We will work with you to create the ideal set that gives you exactly what you need from each weapon in your arsenal.  We will use the finest launch monitor (Trackman) technology available to make specific recommendations for exactly what clubs, shafts and grips you should be using to make you the best possible player.

Consistency – as a low handicap golfer you need consistency throughout your set.  From distance and dispersion control to filling specific distance gaps, we will work with you to create the ideal set makeup that will allow you to maximize the amount of shots available to you with your set.

Flight – we will examine and recommend the shaft that works best for your unique swing and that helps you achieve your desired ball flight.  You will be able to test several of the best shafts available on the market today, which will allow us to help you make a decision on which shaft is best for you.

Equipment – at the Minnesota Golf Academy we offer a fantastic selection of the finest equipment made for your game.  You will leave knowing that you’ve used the finest fitting technology and have access to all of the best manufacturers in the business.

Confidence – when you go through a professional fitting at the Minnesota Golf Academy, you will leave knowing that you have the best possible fit and makeup of equipment.  Knowing that you have the best equipment for your game will give you the confidence to be the best golfer you possibly can.


Club fitting for women is every bit as important as it is for men.  Often times women are playing clubs that are not properly fit or designed for their swing.  Many of those times the shafts are too soft and cause inconsistent contact and results.  A professional fitting at the Minnesota Golf Academy will put you into the proper shaft length, lie and flex to make sure that you have the best equipment possible for your unique, dynamic swing.  We will ensure that you have the proper head type, shaft, grip and set makeup so that you can be the best golfer possible.


At the Minnesota Golf Academy, we love juniors.  We have partnered up with some of the finest junior golf instructors in the country (US Kids Top 50 instructors).  We want to make sure that the next generation of golfers have the equipment and education to enjoy the game to its fullest.  We work with each golfer to make sure the length, lie, flex and weight are correct for now and into the future.  As the golfer grows taller and stronger, there will be a need for adjustments.  We are always here to make those adjustments and/or work with you on the next set necessary to keep your junior playing golf at their best.


As we get older our bodies change and the amount of strength we produce in our golf swing also changes.  At the Minnesota Golf Academy we will work with you to fit you into the proper club heads and shafts that will allow you to achieve greater distance and accuracy with each club. Using the latest in equipment technology we will find clubs that work with you and not against you.  By fitting you into the proper head style and shaft weight, we will make sure that we find the ideal launch angle providing you with the greatest distance and accuracy possible.


Brand Neutral Recommendations

At the MNGA we don’t care about what type of clubs you play.  We only care that we fit you into what will make you the best possible player on the course.  Because of this we are “brand neutral” and carry a wide variety of products from TaylorMade, Ping, Nike, Callaway, Mizuno, Cleveland, Bridgestone, Coutour, See More, etc.  We do not recommend products solely based on their name, rather we work to make sure that the clubs you buy are the proper ones for you.



Why guess what should go into your arsenal of weapons for the golf course?  KNOW what should be in the arsenal!!  Don’t guess at what clubs will help you on the course.  Go through a professional equipment fitting at the MN Golf Academy and see for yourself what works best for you.  We use Trackman launch monitors (the finest technology available) to determine your swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rates, carry distance, total distance and direction.  All of these factors help to determine the best possible clubs for you and also which specific clubs need to be in the bag to provide the proper distance gaps in your set.


At the MN Golf Academy we will work with you to determine which driver will give you optimal results.  By using the finest launch monitor system (Trackman), we will recommend the best possible shaft and head combination to help you maximize distance and accuracy.

Using our diagnostic tools, we will be able to determine launch angle, swing speed, ball speed, spin rates, angle of attack, distance and direction.  Based on these numbers we will be able to find you the perfect fit when it comes to one of your most important weapons, the driver.

Fairway Woods / Hybrids

With so many choices of hybrids and fairway woods, it can get confusing when trying to build your arsenal of clubs.  At the MN Golf Academy we will work with you to determine the best possible combination of fairway woods and hybrids to bridge the distance gap between driver and irons.

We will use the latest technology (Trackman) to determine what your swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rates and carry/roll distances to determine what clubs should be in your bag.  With access to many of the finest equipment manufacturers, we will be able to recommend the perfect fit and mix for your bag.


A properly fit set of irons is an absolute necessity on the golf course.  The clubs that are used most often to attack greens need to be made to fit your dynamic swing.  At the MN Golf Academy we will use a variety of fitting technologies, including launch monitor (Trackman), lie board and tape and face tape to take static and dynamic measurements to ensure the proper fit.

With so many shaft and head options available to you it is difficult to know which would be best without using a launch monitor to compare numbers.  At the MN Golf Academy, we have a huge variety of head and shaft options to find you the perfect fit.

When going through an iron fitting we will use our launch monitor to determine what your club speed, attack angle and launch angle are during your swing.  Once these numbers are attained, we will build you a demo iron (usually a 6 or 7 iron) to those specifications for you to use with the launch monitor.  Once the new numbers are recorded we can make certain of improvements.  If there are no improvements to be made, we will simply recommend you keep your current set, with possible minor adjustments.


Wedges are “scoring clubs”; it’s that simple.  Without properly fit wedges, you could be leaving shots on the course.  Working with you, we determine your type of swing which will help determine the kind of bounce and sole grind that would work best for you.  We will also use our launch monitor to determine the which equipment combination gives you the best launch, spin and distance numbers to help you determine which brands/lofts to carry in your bag.

During a wedge fitting we will look at the type of wedge swing you possess.  Are you a “sweeper” or “digger”?  What is your angle of attack?  How hard are you swinging?  What type of course do you usually play (soft, firm)?  All of these will help to determine the amount of bounce a wedge needs and what type of sole grind would work best for you.


Your putter accounts for about 40% of the scoring done on the golf course.  So, why should it not get the fitting attention of the other clubs?  We will measure your putting stroke, as well as your stance/posture, height and arm length and also work with you to fit you into the proper head style, lie angle, hosel and shaft to fit you into the best possible putter.  During your fitting at the MN Golf Academy we will work with you on your aim, distance control, green reading and the stroke itself to ensure that you leave knowing that you have the best possible putter for your game.

Golf Balls

The type of golf ball you play is every bit as important as any other piece of equipment in your golf bag.  How many times have you found a ball and just decided to use it even though it’s not what you typically play?  Or maybe just bought some out of the “used ball” bin?  Using our Trackman launch monitor and live short game practice area we can determine which golf ball best suits your game.  We will be able to measure spin rates and distances with each of your clubs and will also be able to putt, chip and pitch in our practice area to determine which ball “feels” and performs best for you.

Full Bag

Our full bag equipment fitting walks you through every piece of equipment in your bag, from driver to putter and golf ball.  We look at everything from swing speed to putting stroke and everything in between.    At the MN Golf Academy our professional fitter has been working with all types of golfers for over 15 years.  We will use the finest launch monitor technology (Trackman) and our live practice area (range, short game, putting green) to find the best fitting equipment possible.  We will work with you to find your best head-shaft combination for each category (driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, wedges, putter), and find the proper golf ball for your game.  Working with you we will help you match up the clubs that not only perform the best, but feel the best as well.

During your fitting we will take static measurements (height, arm length, etc.) and combine them with your dynamic swing to generate numbers that will place you into the correct equipment. We will measure your swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, angle of attack, back spin, side spin, trajectory, dispersion pattern, swing path and many more to find the precise weapons that should be included in your golf bag arsenal.  Let us take all of the confusion out of equipment buying by conducting a full bag golf fitting for you at the MN Academy of Golf.

Current Set Distance Gap

Our Distance Gap fitting will measure you on the Trackman system to find your current numbers (swing speed, launch angle, carry distance, etc.) with your current set.  By determining your current numbers we will be able to recommend specific clubs that will be able to fill your larger distance gaps or take clubs away that are simply too close in distance to other clubs in your bag, which can cause confusion and frustration on the course.

During this fitting we will measure each club in your bag and will provide for you the average “numbers” for each club.  We will also make recommendations on possible additions or deletions to your set to help you maximize the distance gaps within your current set makeup.