Golf Fitness: Enhanced TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Assessment and Workouts

A physical Assessment is included as an integral part of our initial Golf Skills Assessment. It is the starting point for most of our advanced programs. The physical assessment includes 3 sections, which are described below. We include the physical assessment in most of our coaching programs because it’s essential that we know how your body works before we start working on your swing. For instance, if you have limited flexibility, this may shorten your golf swing and/or affect the plane that you swing the club on. It makes no sense to just focus on your mechanics when there is physical limitation that keeps you from making a better swing. By focusing on both your motor learning patterns (swing mechanics) AND your physical limitations (through fitness), you can make much faster progress correcting swing faults.

The 3 parts of our assessment include…

TPI – The TPI evaluation assesses the stability and mobility at the key areas of your golfing body.

Biomechanics – The Biomechanics assessment considers your body type and predispositions related to hip speed, body type, pivot, and right elbow position.

Speed/Power/Coordination – Assesses your level of coordination, athleticism, and power with compound kinematic movements and research supported coordination tests. These tests prove that athletic ability carries over to club head speed and distance. This part of the assessment is a key portion of the research we are conducting.

The entire physical assessment should take less than 40 minutes.

Customized Workouts

After each client completes the physical assessment we combine the data we get with the Trackman/Swing Analysis to get an overall picture of how to maximize each client’s performance long term. The workouts we create for our clients are completely individualized and are aimed at long term performance. They work hand in hand with the swing mechanics work you’ll be doing with your PGA instructor. The workout program will include exercises to increase mobility and stability as well as power, coordination, and sequencing. In sum, we believe this is the most effective way to make lasting measurable improvements in your game.