Beginner Program

The Minnesota Golf Academy’s goal is to provide a fun, relaxed, and non-intimidating atmosphere where women can feel comfortable learning the game in the company of other women.  The class will instruct all students on the fundamentals such as Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture, and Swing Plane. In addition to the fundamentals, it will also cover rules, etiquette, speed of play, dress codes, and other nuances of the game.  This class is for beginners. If you have taken golf classes before please see: Ladies Intermediate

Classes will be limited to six women per class and start in March

Intermediate Program

For women that have completed the beginner program or have already learned the game elsewhere and feel ready for more advanced instruction, the Intermediate program is perfect.

Our main focus during the lesson portion will be on proper fundamentals and improved ball striking.  Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture, Swing Plane will be covered.  We will also spend time on the short game that includes Chipping, Pitching, Sand and Putting.

Classes will be limited to six women per class and start in March.